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2024 Istanbul Tutorial & Interview.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

12:00 pm-5:00 pm
Grand Halic Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Meet Expert ACBI Professors

Meet our distinguished ACBI professors hailing from Japan, Korea, China, New Zealand, and India, all set to grace Istanbul with their presence and engage with you in person! Explore their respective websites and select 8 professors whom you're most eager to connect with at the event.

Please be aware that, owing to time limitations, only a limited number of students will be invited to this in-person event, and we may not be able to guarantee one-on-one meetings with all the professors you select in your application form.

Fiter by Country
Fiter by Research Field
Meet Expert ACBI IST

Ever been curious about the fascinating world of "Chemical Biology"? Are you dreaming of an enriching international study experience for an advanced degree? Wondering how to kick-start your global career journey?

Look no further! ACBI is thrilled to announce its first-ever visit to Istanbul!

What is Chemical Biology? 

It's the perfect blend of chemistry and biology, a field that unlocks the secrets of life at the molecular level with chemical eyes. Discover how we shape the future through groundbreaking research!

Studying Chemical Biology in Asia can open doors to limitless career opportunities. Become a well-trained researcher in an international setting and watch your dreams take flight!

Meet the Experts!

Our renowned professors from ACBI countries are heading to Istanbul this March (see: Meet Expert ACBI Professors). Get ready for an exclusive chance to meet them in person!

If you're excited as we are, here's your chance to shine! Complete your ONLINE APPLICATION by February 10, 2024, and you could be one of the lucky shortlisted students!

We'll be individually notifying the successful shortlisted students by mid-February 2024 with all the details you need.

Apply online now, and let your passion for studying Chemical Biology abroad shine. Please note that this fantastic opportunity is exclusively open to students and early career researchers from Turkey. Ph.D. holders and students from outside of Turkey are not eligible to apply.

Join us in this exciting journey of discovery, growth, and friendship. We can't wait to meet you in Istanbul!

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