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Chemical biology is a language that traverses across disciplines, music that resonates with inner intuition, and an art where curiosity meets creativity. Studying the interdisciplinary field of chemical biology is a passport to a world of opportunities whether in academia, industry, government, non-profit organizations or elsewhere.


Asian Chemical Biology Initiative (ACBI) has been traveling through Southeast Asian countries, trying to accomplish its missions to promote chemical biology studies in the region and recruit students in good academic standing to the field. Our premise is that education and training of these talented students at top-tier universities in Asia will eventually foster the next-generation chemical biology leaders in their home grounds.


Chemical biology is a language that traverses across disciplines, music that resonates with inner intuition, and an art where curiosity meets creativity.

The ACBI's caravans have been joined by hundreds of students in emerging Southeast Asian countries. Listen to the voices from those students who have successfully seized the opportunity to study chemical biology in ACBI countries, and how their lives have been impacted and transformed by the ACBI. 


You can be the next ACBI-student. Design your chemical-biologistory in the way you desire it to be with ACBI.

Voices from Students.


ACBI Interview was one of those life-changing events that's deeply imprinted in my heart. Joining the professional network of chemical biology has transformed my future career path in a truly exciting way.



ACBI has paved the way for prospective graduate students, such as myself, by organizing face-to-face interviews with professors who are at the top of their fields. Their hard work has since inspired me to put my best foot forward in my studies and research to make the ACBI community proud.



ACBI was an interactive and lively event that connected me to worldwide scientists and let me exchange ideas with them. Joining the well-structured and research oriented network of Chemical Biology has improved my scientific mindset and opened a main gate for me to reach my future goals.



ACBI facilitated me to meet my current supervisor. Now I have become a PhD candidate in China's Silicon Valley, immersed myself in the dynamic drug discovery research field, and both met and collaborated on projects with great scientists. Research life has so far exceeded my expectations.



ACBI 2019 in Yangon was a very worthwhile experience for me. The event provided useful and beneficial information than any other I have attended. The lectures from famous scientists provided a broad spectrum of topics for chemical biology. Face-Face time with professors was very productive for me. I am very grateful to ACBI that I got a valuable contact with my current admirable professor. ACBI is a must-attend event for the students who want to make a challenging step to chemical biology.



ACBI interviews offered me a great chance I had never experienced. Comfortable atmosphere facilitates student and professor to be engaged which, I think, leads to a success in further research study. Being in part of this chemical biology network, my research career chapter has begun fascinatingly.



The ACBI interview events allow students to meet with many professors and discuss with them casually. The program provides students with opportunities to study abroad at highly reputed universities in Asia. In my case, after ACBI Ulaanbaatar Meeting, I participated in a visiting research student program in Kyoto for 45 days and went through a lot of research experiences.


IMG_1330 (1)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The ACBI conference in Manila was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to expand my network and open doors to new opportunities in Japan. Joining the ACBI is just the first step towards a rewarding experience in science and research.



My whole journey with the ACBI from the day one has been truly a remarkable experience. Insightful presentations, networking activities with fellow attendees and interview sessions with honored professors, which is not just a Q&A but more of a sincere discussion about their outstanding researches make it one of the must-attend meetings for young scientists. I am grateful for the ACBI community for spreading such knowledge and global-scale opportunity and being the bridge for students around Asia.



I would really like to thank ACBI for making one of my dreams come true. ACBI is where the students meet with their dreams and give efforts to find their paths. It was my very first interview experience where I met so many famous professors and had a chance to participate in a summer internship program at UNIST, Korea.



“Nothing is impossible” That is the message, which I have got from ACBI interview events. I would say ACBI program is the life-changing event for any students who are interested in chemical biology. I had an interview with the professor who is my supervisor now in 2012 in Vietnam and my life-study was become exciting since there.

Nam Ha


“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” Quoting Emerson, those were my sentiments when I decided to take on graduate studies here in Kyoto. It is difficult and not always successful, but it has been a very enriching experience at many levels, for which I will always be grateful to ACBI and to the committed people who make this happen.



ACBI-Manila was the perfect avenue for notable professors to introduce chemical biology to young Filipino scientists. This event also provided me the opportunity to meet my very energetic professor, to whom I owe much of my professional growth in the field. I am grateful to have been part of ACBI.

Jan Vincent


I couldn't be more grateful for having the chance to meet numerous impressive professors in ACBI 2016 that led me to meet my current professor. From different universities and different countries, they came into one place just to meet their prospective student. Isn’t it very generous? So, never miss this valuable event.



One of the best decisions in my life was joining the ACBI event while hunted for study abroad opportunities. ACBI not only giving a chance to meet many professors from top universities in Asia but also helping us to find the best SPV which fits our study goals. I feel so grateful.


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